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Information on the Pre-Major in Astronomy Program


Labs and other classroom activities

UW in High Schools

Bring astronomy 101 to local high schools

Talks and Colloquim

Astro Colloquium

Thursday afternoon research talks by visiting astronomers

Astro Lunch

Informal astronomy talks during lunch

Physics Colloquium

Physics research talks

Astrobiology Seminars

Research Talks through the Astrobiology Program

ESS Seminars

Earth and Space Science research talks

Lectures on science and technology

Computer Support

Computing Wiki

Community computer documentation page and more

Old Computing Page

Computer help page, including a list of avalible applications


Physics and Astronomy Computer Service -- Our tech support

Print Queue

What is printing now


Meet the People

List of faculty, post-docs, graduate students and alumni

UW Astro Finding Chart

Offices, emails, and phone numbers for the department


Physics/Astronomy Building Safety Plan

Health and Safety Plan, Emergency Evacuations and Operations, and more

Astronomy Emergency Contacts

Departmental Contacts (pdf)

Two Galaxies
HST image of NGC 2207 and IC2163

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Local weather conditions. Click weather images for details. CourtesyKOMO TV, Seattle 

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