Astronomy 421 - Assignment - Critiquing Scientific Papers

Collect It Drop Box for critiques.

As part of your journey towards becoming a renowned, respected, revered astronomer, you will need to publish the results of your research in a peer-reviewed astronomical journal. Most scientific journals allow very little leeway concerning the format of your paper.

Here are the general instructions for writing your critique of a scientific paper on astronomical observations. Your writing should be in narrative form, and not just chopped-up responses to the questions posed in these instructions. Your critique will be evaluated under these guidelines: 1) Have you addressed all or most of the points given in these instructions? (See PDF version linked at beginning of this paragraph) <10 pts> 2) Does your critique show evidence that you carefully read the paper and really did some critical thinking about what was presented? <5 pts> 3) Did you pull in at least one theoretical principle that we have been discussing and studying so far and relate it directly to the observations made by the authors of the paper? (May not always be applicable.) <5 pts> 4) Were you prepared to discuss you paper in class? <5 pts>

The top of your paper should have your name and the complete information about the paper you are critiquing: title, authors, affiliations, journal reference.

Critique 1 (paper handed out in class):

Prieto, C.A. et al, 2000, ApJ, 528:885-895, "Model Photospheres for Late-Type Stars from the Inversion of High-Resolution Spectroscopic Observations: Groombridge 1830 and ε Eridani"

Critique 2

Yong, D., Grundahl, F., Nissen, P.E., Jensen, H.R., and Lambert, D.L., 2005, A&A 438, 875-888; Abundances in giant stars of the globular cluster NGC6752; due Feb. 22 via the "Collect It" Drop Box linked above. Use NASA ADS from a UW computer to download the paper.

Critique 3 due March 1

Flavours of variability: 29 RR Lyrae stars observed with Kepler
	1.	J. M. Benkő1,*,  2. K. Kolenberg2,  3.R. Szabó1,  4. D. W. Kurtz3,
	5.	S. Bryson4, 	6.J. Bregman4, 7.M. Still4, 8.R. Smolec2,
	9.	J. Nuspl1, 10.	J. M. Nemec5, 11.P. Moskalik6,12.G. Kopacki7,
	13.	Z. Kolláth1, 14.E. Guggenberger2, 15.M. Di Criscienzo8, 16.J. Christensen-Dalsgaard9,
	17.	H. Kjeldsen9, 18.W. J. Borucki4, 19.D. Koch4, 20.J. M. Jenkins10, 	21.J. E. Van Cleve10
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume 409, Issue 4, pages 1585–1593, December 2010