Welcome to the UW Graduate Program in Astronomy!

Astrograds, January 2013

Astronomy is a Gold Star Award Winner!
The Graduate and Professional Student Senate GOLD STAR AWARD 2007-2008 was presented to the Astronomy Department for its excellence in graduate education

Ours is a close-knit, moderate-size department with a high faculty-student ratio. Our graduate program has a mix of observational, theoretical, and instrumental opportunities for students. We hope that you will find all the necessary information about the program and how to apply in the links at right.

Dual-title PhD and Certificate Programs in Astrobiology are also available to our graduate students. Please see http://depts.washington.edu/astrobio/)

If you have additional questions on the application procedures, please call (206.543.9590) or email the Graduate Program Assistant: grad@astro.washington.edu.

No matter what your grad school preferences and career plans, thank you for your interest in the UW Astronomy Graduate Program! We wish you the best of success.

Reports from the American Institute of Physics:

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