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TJO Evening Public Talk Schedule and Topics

The majority of the talks of the open house season are given by undergraduates at the University of Washington, individuals who are either majoring in physics and astronomy or are in other majors but really enthusiastic about astronomy. The level of the talks varies with the topic. Some are geared more to the younger visitors; most are geared for high school level. Please come and lend your support. By being in the audience you will be taking part in the educational program at the U of W.

2015 Observing Season and Open Houses at Jacobsen Observatory

Reservations are strongly recommended for the talks as the TJO classroom holds only 45 people. All visitors are welcome to come and tour the observatory and view the night sky if clear. The Seattle Astronomical Society members will be on hand to answer questions.

April 1:
    8 pm
Dr. Ana Larson Toys in Space The last few years we have started each observing season with this program because it is a lot of fun. We play with toys, testing and experimenting with them and then predict how these same toys would work in space. We then watch International Space Station astronauts play. Adults must be accompanied by someone 16 years or younger, please.
    9 pm Same program but for adults who come unaccompanied.
Please check back for the topics of the TJO talks for the rest of the observing season. Our educational public outreach course starts March 30, and we should have the topics for the rest of spring posted by April 10.

Please note that if a talk has filled and while the talk is going on, you do not need a reservation to still tour the Observatory, talk with SAS members in the dome, and look through telescopes if clear. On crowded nights, reservations are needed for going up to the dome after the talk has finished. Individuals with reservations for the talk automatically get a group number for going up to the dome, distributed in the order the reservations were made.

2015 Schedule

Month1st Weds3rd WedsHours
April1158 - 10 pm
May6209 - 11 pm
June3179 - 11 pm
July1159 - 11 pm
August5199 - 11 pm
September2168 - 10 pm
October7217 - 9 pm
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