Last updated June 11, 2015, 5:00pm.

The latest version of the course syllabus is here.

Table of contents of Carroll & Ostlie, second edition (2007).

First Lecture (3/31/15) here; annotated.

Second Lecture (4/2/15) here; annotated.

Third Lecture (4/7/15) here; annotated (typo fixed in equation on Slide 9).

Fourth Lecture (4/9/15) here; annotated (typo fixed in equation on slide 16; problem 2c on homework 3 is now extra credit).

Fifth Lecture (4/14/15) here; annotated.

Sixth Lecture (4/16/15) here; annotated.

Seventh Lecture (4/30/15) here; annotated.

Eighth Lecture (5/5/15) here; annotated.

Ninth Lecture (5/7/15) here; annotated.

Tenth Lecture (5/12/15) here; annotated.

Eleventh Lecture (5/14/15) here; annotated.

Galaxy merger movie.

Twelfth Lecture (5/19/15) here; annotated.

Thirteenth Lecture (5/21/15) here; annotated.

Fourteenth Lecture (5/26/15) here; annotated.

Fifteenth Lecture (5/28/15) here; annotated.

First Homework (due April 7, 2015; okay to turn in April 9 since I didn't cover all of Lecture 2 on April 2). Note there is a typo in the units of the Oort constants in original homework; this version has been correctd. I will post solutions after class tomorrow (4/21); Solution 1

Second Homework (due April 14, 2015).

Second Homework Solution

Third Homework (due April 21, 2015; note: there was a typo in the equation from Lecture 4 needed for problem 2c, so this is now extra credit).

Third Solution

Fourth Homework (due May 5, 2015)

Fourth Solution

Fifth Homework (due May 12, 2015; deadline extended to May 14, 2015)

Sixth Homework (due May 19, 2015)

Sixth Solution

Seventh Homework (due May 26, 2015)

Eighth Homework (due June 2, 2015)

Midterm Review sheet; annotated. (discussed in class 4/21/15)

Midterm Solution.

Practice Midterm 1 (from 2009)

Practice Midterm 2 (from 2013)

Practice Final 1 (from 2009; note that not all material on this exam was covered in this class)

Practice Final 2 (from 2013)

Solution to the Final Exam

Discovery of runaway galaxies

PDF versions of the lectures and problem sets will be placed here as they become available - check back for updates.


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