University of Washington

Astronomy 101A Autumn 2013


All of the content of Astronomy 101A is now embodied in the CANVAS Learning Management System. Students should access the course through their listing of classes in MyUW. This page contains the general information and syllabus for the course.

Dr. Ana Larson, Senior Lecturer
UW NetID: anamunn
Office: C335 (3rd floor, C-Wing, Physics Astronomy Building)
Office Hours: WF after class or app't W afternoon


This course involves a substantial amount of class participation and teamwork. You will find yourself involved in discussions, in games, in problem solving, and in discovering what astronomy today is all about. Take the time to preview each of the links at the far left. They are all important and should never be neglected during this quarter. In particular, much of what we do centers around the section exercises and lecture activities, tutorials, and clarifications. Please bring the course pack for the week to each lecture and section. Get ready to sit back and prepare yourself for a journey from the local night sky to the most distant galaxies known, from the here-and-now back to the beginning of space and time and forward to the end of all things.

"Speeding through the Universe; thinking is the best way to travel." Moody Blues


The Essentials