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Department of Astronomy

University of Washington

bx 351580

Seattle, WA 98195

(206) 543-8575

Don works on cosmic dust, comets, astrobiology and STARDUST - a NASA Discovery mission to collect samples from a comet and bring them back to Earth.



Web sites for Stardust Launch Images
UW newsroom - excellent press info and images

KSC Stardust image files- many launch images

Florida Today Stardust image files -many launch images

Hypervelocity velocity meteoroid Track in Aerogel - Captured by the EURECA TiCCE experiment

Stardust samples will be collected in a similar manner

Interplanetary Dust

Probable cometary origin- collected by NASA U2

Rare Earth

Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe

A book on astrobiology and Earth history

By Peter Ward and Don Brownlee

Rare Earth info and reviews (Amazon)

Click Here to Visit the Rare Earth Homepage

Highly recommended sites

Neal and Buzz on the Moon

et materials

Comets comets comets


Great balls of fire

Big Bang


email: brownlee@astro.washington.edu, phone: 206-543-8575, and fax: 206-685-0403